service is based on Kaltura platform provided us by CSC and NORDUnet. All the content is saved securely inside of EU. HAMK & HAMI staff members and students are eligible to upload media content to the service with their HAMK credentials. Anonymous users are able to see the public media. More specific terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

The service is part of FUAS Campus.

The system language is English but depending on the actual content the language may differ. This help section provides some basic guidelines and tips on how to use this service. They have been partially produced in co-operation with FUAS members.

Service structure


There are few categories on top of the page. The categories are pre-determined and only staff members have the right to publish directly to them.

  • Education = public educational videos from HAMK
  • FUAS = public (and private) videos from FUAS universities
  • HAMK = public promotional videos from HAMK
  • Instructions = public video instructions of digital systems and services.

User videos (=channels)

User videos -section offers a place for both student and staff videos. HAMK users are able to create their own channels and determine the publicity of the channel by themselves. The channels can be public worldwide or internal (open, restricted, private) which require login.

HAMK Open -channel is the official channel which can be used to publish videos inside of HAMK.

Uploading and publishing

Service features EN, Videoalustan toiminnallisuudet FI

Creating a channel FI/EN

Uploading an unlisted video FI/EN

Uploading a published video (includes FUAS settings) FI/EN

User videos and channels EN, Käyttäjien videot ja kanavat FI

Sharing FUAS videos

In service you can share your media to other FUAS members easily with the optional setting "Share with FUAS". When you select this option the file will be published* also in the video services of LAMK and Laurea as shown in this picture.
*It is required that the media file is also published on some other channel or category. This can be either in site or HAMK Moodle. If the file isn't published or it is just unlisted, it won't be published to other FUAS members.

If you don't want to share the file, select "no" or leave it empty.

If you want to stop sharing your media file to other FUAS members, please fill in the following takedown form. Changing the "Share with FUAS" setting doesn't affect after the file has been published for the first time. (Known issue)

Stop sharing a FUAS video (takedown form for HAMK users, requires login with HAMK credentials)

Advanced features

CaptureSpace Lite Recorder

After login the users are able to select Add New > CaptureSpace Lite option. This selection launches a recorder for webcam, audio and screen capture recordings.

Getting started

Recorder tabs

Recording options (*Multi-source presentation option not available in HAMK)

Editing video

Uploading a video directly from recorder

Video Quiz

After login the users are able to select Add New > Video Quiz option. This can be used to create quizzes which are part of the video recordings.

Creating a Quiz